Atelier Landry Inc. saw life in a small family workshop in the backyard of the house in 1998.  The owner at the time with 28 years of service as a supervisor in the wood crafted for a renowned company, Nadeau & Nadeau to be then Shermag was able to pass his management expertise to his son.  Inspired by the love of wood, the owners never cease to create new elements that pierce the market.

Having the master power for the operation of automated machines and electronics; the owners have the necessary expertise to tackle the market and global demand since.

December 2014, it becomes JMN Enterprises Inc.   and is still a family business which the second generation is involved in this great project.   Since February 2015, a female family presence, adds to the team by bringing her expertise in administration.

Today before a growing expansion, exportation of the product becomes present in several countries by the residential furniture, kitchenware, mouldings, signs, parts and components manufacturing, and more…

We celebrated our 15th anniversary in 2013 and with experience in over 45 years to his credit; JMN Enterprises believes in the quality of their product and is proud to manufacture products of high value.



JMN Enterprises Inc. has everything in his power to communicate the essential and the love of wood, this precious, pure natural foundation, through their products of sustainable features and that can be passed from generation to generation. This touch of appreciation made confident employees and clients to enjoy exceptionally.

At JMN Enterprises, we believe that the family is the heart of our life and especially the kitchen where we meet between family and friends that hold us dear.   It is our fate to manufacture products made carefully by competent people and proud of the result.

Involvement in our community is very important.  To participate in integrating into our community brings the importance of the assistance and patriotism in order to protect the future of our region, hence the most beautiful natural scenery ever seen.

Our mission is to always remain at the forefront on the constant evolution of the production of the material first in order to be competitive in this market and to keep abreast of innovations in robotic machines.

That’s our mission, possible and achievable in remaining connected to the reality.