The natural essence of wood, our history…

Atelier Landry Inc. was born in a small family workshop in 1998.   The owner at the time, with 28 years of service in woodworking for a renowned company, Nadeau & Nadeau, transmit its expertise to his son, certified in wood working, which he was also inspired by the love of wood and both does not cease to be surrounded by creations.

In 2003, the expansion of the plant was needed to meet the demand.  The hiring of other people was made necessary in order to provide our traders so precious.

Since December, 2014, it becomes JMN Enterprises Inc.  With experience in over 45 years old in its assets, today because of a growing expansion, exportation of the product becomes present in several countries by the residential furniture, kitchenware, mouldings, signs, parts and component manufacturing etc.


JMN Enterprises Inc. does everything in its power to transmit priceless and richness of the wood; this valuable and pure natural source, through their quality products.


This touch of appreciation made confident employees and proud customers.  That way they are exceptionally happy and our mission is accomplished.